With it being Love Our Colleges week across the UK, we decided what better way to show our love for St. David’s than compile a list?

1. Guided Independence

The first thing we love about St David’s is how it grants independence to students. We are encouraged to take initiative and find our own information, sources, and methods of study, but we are also given support at every step of the way, to better prepare us for the future.

2. Friends

St David’s makes it easy to make friends by providing so many clubs and events for us to meet with other people, as well as our start of term ice-breakers to break up the silence and get everyone talking. I personally have already met so many amazing people in the College and made great new friends, and I don’t think I speak alone on this one!

3. The Opportunities

We love that St David’s provides us with so many opportunities from day one: from career enrichment like the Engineering Education Scheme and the Cardiff University Step Up programme, to the competitive sports, to recreational leisure opportunities, and many more not listed here. You’ll never fall short of things to do in College!

4. Diversity & Inclusivity

We love that the College appreciates and welcomes those of all faith backgrounds, and does not discriminate on gender, race, ethnic group, sexual orientation, and more. The inclusivity is amazing, and is a defining feature of what makes the College so great.

5. Teaching

Obviously crucial to a student’s college experience is the teaching, and the staff here at St David’s College are amazing! They create fun, engaging environments for students to learn, and they are compassionate and caring for their students too.

6. Freedom

The College schedule allows us to have more free time than we would have in high school, and it lets us have time to relax and keep to ourselves, and if we do want to do some work during our free periods there are a range of facilities available for us to do so.

7. The Facilities

The wide range of facilities at St David’s is great, and there are high quality facilities available for everyone at the College. From the sports hall to the in house cinema, the high-tech media editing suite to the LRC full of books and resources to use, there are amazing facilities available across the College.

8. Support

The pastoral care at St David’s is amazing, and everyone is there to support students every step of the way. The Learner Support Team is outstanding in helping students resolve any issues they have, with counsellors and extra academic support on hand at all times. All of this definitely helps us to feel more settled in the College.

9. The College Environment

The College environment is welcoming, engaging, and really encouraging. It allows the students to express themselves, and is perfect for letting 16-19 year olds learn, grow, and thrive in a welcoming and supportive environment.

10. The Food!

Every student’s weakness – food. The canteen and coffee shop serve a wide range of freshly prepared breakfast items, main meals, and snacks daily, never mind the hot drinks and other things sold too. There are vending machines in the College too, for those who are in a rush or are in the mood for something that isn’t a hot meal. And if that wasn’t enough, the College is only a short walk away from the variety of food places available on Welfield Road – something for everyone!

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