My first lesson is at 9:15. It's Psychology and is located in the Annexe, which is the home of social science subjects and History in St David's. I arrive at college early so I decide to treat myself to breakfast from the canteen. I am crazy for the coffee and croissants here!

My Psychology lesson consists of undergoing investigations and psychological experiments around the college, and playing endless games of Kahoot. The hours fly by and it is finally time for break! I decide to meet my friends in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) in order to talk, play board games and catch up on any work before my next lesson, English.


With a classroom with such a great view, I could never get bored of English! I spend the two hours of my lesson analysing a interesting play about the war and learning new writing techniques.

Me and my friends decide to walk to Wellfield Road at lunch. The street is full of cheap and delicious places to eat and is only a 10 minute walk from the College.

After our tasty noodles, we decide to sit on the recreational ground near Wellfield Road. It is a nice warm day to sit on the field and talk about what has happened in our day so far.

My last lesson is Welsh Baccalaureate. After weeks of research, I have found a solution to a global issue which I present as a speech to my class. I am let out early due to the good completion of my work. I decide to go shopping with my friends to celebrate finishing the school day - The college is located in Penylan and has reliable and frequent bus links for a quick trip to town! Hopefully I can bag some bargains using my student ID card - I heard Topshop have a good student discount!

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