As I returned to College for the A2 year, I knew it was vital to start thinking about my career path and what I was going to do after St David's. It's easier said than done and although I had a few vague ideas in my mind, I was very unsure of what I wanted to do in the future.

However, the staff at St David's were aware of this and helped me thoroughly. I was made to think about my favourite subjects and hobbies in order to decide a field I would like to work in. My tutor worked with me to identify unique skills and attributes I had and what job would be suited best to these characteristics. I become extremely interested and hooked to the idea of becoming a journalist - in fact I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner!

After researching further, I had decided on five university courses I wanted to apply for. However, journalism can be a very competitive field and I needed work experience in order to stand out to universities.

Miss Parr, the marketing officer at St David's helped me combat this obstacle straight away by allowing me to write several articles for this student blog - in fact many students benefit from participating in producing content for this blog! Not only has this helped me improve and develop my writing and editorial skills but I have interviewed and reached out to other students/staff in order to gather information, and learnt how to extract key details out of a story - these are skills which are highly valued in the journalism field.

I was also helped thoroughly throughout the completion of my UCAS application - which was a lot more difficult and complicated than I had originally thought! My personal statement was carefully reviewed in order to make sure everything: from the vocabulary to the punctuation, was correct.

I never felt stressed about my application as I was constantly informed about what I needed to do. In addition to this, there were help desks available for me to go to in my free time to discuss anything I wasn't sure about or needed help on. Miss McLaren, the Destinations and Vocations Manager at St David's helped me constantly with the application process, and any queries I had were answered and resolved quickly.

I wanted to submit my application as soon as possible, and this was recognised as Miss McLaren sacrificed her time to look over my application and ensure it was done to the best of my ability, as well as being submitted quickly. It felt good knowing that my application process was being treated as an important priority.

I have received offers from every university I have applied to - which I am extremely happy about! It is fulfilling to finally know what I want to do in the future and to be able to plan it out. I feel very positive about the future and I'm looking forward to my life after St David's - thanks to all the wonderful and supporting staff at the College who helped me!

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