The Easter break is now upon us and this time will be vital in your preparations for your forthcoming AS /A2 exams. Your success will be dependent on ensuring that this time is used productively!

A reminder that the AS exams are now only four academic weeks away and A2 exams only six academic weeks away. If you are already working hard – you are doing what we need you to do. Keep going, it will be worth it!

If you are aware that you have not yet got “stuck into your revision”, it is late in the day and you need to be very focused in this regard!

On your return to College after the Easter break, you should feel that you are close to being ready to sitting the exams for all topics covered to date – but to do so means being disciplined in your revision over the break.

Be ambitious for yourselves and aim high! The nicest possible thing anyone could say about themselves is “I did my best”.

Good luck and over to you.

Key Revision Tips

  • Set yourself an examination goal – what result do you want? (If you are hoping for a "B", aim for an "A" and if things don't work out, hopefully you'll still get your "B". If things work out, wonderful!)

  • Start early - you should have already begun.

  • Always plan your revision. Create a revision plan that shows what you must revise in the time remaining – remember ‘Planning prevents poor performance.’

  • Make sure you have all your revision material and your files are neat and tidy. Use revision materials provided by staff!

  • Try different active revision techniques – summarise your notes, produce mind maps, scatter diagrams, test and retest yourself (reading over notes is very passive and ineffective for most)

  • Build up a bank of key definitions and revise them (use flashcards, post-its, etc.).

  • Attend any revision sessions held by staff as well as seeing staff over any queries

  • Focus on exam skills / technique as well as content

  • Practise exam questions – practise makes perfect.

  • Practise under exam time conditions

The Easter break will be a crucial time for revision for you all and it is vital that you make the most effective use of this time possible. Doing this means being disciplined. Most of you should be planning on doing 4-6 hours a day minimum. To achieve this and stick to your revision timetable, be prepared to get up at your usual time, ready to have breakfast and start revising by 9am. Get 2-3 hours in by lunch.

Tell friends when you're available and when you're not. Avoid distractions such as mobile phones, internet, music, TV, etc., otherwise your revision won't be effective.

The time for "lie-ins", etc. is after your exams and your reward will be once they are over and obviously when you get your results. When you have a break, have a proper break - see friends, go for a run - do something active. It will make this time, which is hard, much easier as well as clearing your head.

You have much to do but it is important to remember that you are no different to any other peer group, it just happens to be your turn. This is a vital time for you and you all need to be ambitious.

Remember, the correlation between effort and exam performance is very high and it is likely that you will get the grade you deserve. It is now up to you to deserve a good grade!

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