St David’s College is proud to be backing Mental Health Awareness Week. This year the focus is on stress, something that many of you will undoubtedly be feeling in the run up to your exams. So what are we doing to help you?

For more information on Mental Health Awareness Week, click here.

Talking is good

This is the slogan of our counselling service and it is something we want to encourage in our students. We are working hard to reduce any stigma around mental health, and we are all here to support you with any issues you may have at home or at College. Your teachers, your Learner Coaches, the Learner Support team, and the admin staff are all here if you need us.

A supportive environment

St David’s offers a dedicated Learner Support team, and Learner Support Centre space for students to utilise as and when they wish. They help students in a number of ways, with issues inside and outside College, including:

  • Coordinating support

  • Facilitating communication with Learner Coaches and teaching staff

  • Providing additional, quiet working space

  • Offering weekly one-to-one academic support

  • Drop-in wellbeing advice and guidance sessions

  • Offering a counselling service

  • Running a Peer Mentoring scheme

  • Coordinating referral to external support agencies

Your Learner Coaches are also available to speak to as and when you need them, and they can refer you to the Learner Support Centre if they think it necessary.

Find out more

We have lots of information on the College website and on the student blog about accessing and using the support on hand. Please use the links below to find out more:

St David's College Support and Welfare

Worry Less: We Are Here For You, Here's How to Access Help

Revision Tips

Bonus link:

Top wellness apps

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